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Fibaro Starter Kit Z-Wave
Fibaro Starter Kit Z-Wave
The perfect way to get started to get your home automated. This Fibaro Starter Kit is specially put together for everybody who want to start building his Zwave system. You will get the controller, and 5 of the most popular, Fibaro class A products. All with a great discount of around €80. This Fibaro Starter Kit contains the following items,- Fibaro Home Center Lite- Fibaro Wall Plug- Fibaro Smoke Sensor- Fibaro Flood Sensor- Fibaro Door Windows Sensor- Fibaro Motion SensorHome center liteHome Center Lite is the device that is used to control and operate the Fibaro system. It communicates through the wireless Z-Wave communications protocol with a maximum of 230 actors and sensors installed in your home. It has a user friendly interface allowing you to easily create advanced scenarios. The Home Center Lite is also equipped with a new, fast recovery system enabling it to store your back-ups in the cloud.Wall plugFibaro Wall Plug (schuko) is a universal, Z-Wave compatible, remote controlled socket adaptor, which can be applied to control electrical devices (of max 2,5 kW). The middle plug uses an LED ring to indicate the current energy consumption and company status by changing color. This technical feat is the smallest and most attractive middle plug in the world.Smoke sensor v2FIBARO Smoke Sensor is an ultra light, universal, battery powered optical smoke sensor, communicates by the Z-Wave standard and is designed to be mounted to the ceiling. Smoke detection is signaled by a siren, blinking LED indicator and sending assignments to other Z-Wave network devices. It also houses a sensor which can activate the alarm as soon as the specified temperature threshold is exceeded.Flood sensorFibaro Water (Flood) sensor is a universal, Z-Wave compatible flood and temperature sensor which can either be placed on the floor, or mounted to the wall using optional sensor probes. The device is powered by battery (battery included, longevity of 2 years) or an optional 12/24 V power source. The sensor is equipped with a LED indicator, acoustic alarm and tilt sensor which triggers a direct report or alarm when moved. The LED indicator signals the detection of water, company status or Z-Wave network communication range.Door / window sensorThe Door / Window Sensor is a battery powered, universal magnet sensor operating under the Z-Wave standard. The sensor adds extra control for doors, windows and garage doors and can be used for automatic light control, access control, security purposes and more. The small and light housing comes in 7 different colors for an inconspicuous installation.Motion sensorFibaro Motion Sensor is a universal, Z-Wave compatible multi-sensor. This device has a motion sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and can even detect sabotage attempts and earthquakes using a vibration sensor. Fibaro Motion Sensor is powered by the included batteries, completely wireless and the unique housing allows for an easy installation on any surface. The eye of the sensor gives you a visual indication as soon as it detects movement, a change in temperature or company status and can inform you about the Z-Wave network range.
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